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In business, human beings are your clients, your employees, your partners, your investors. Nothing will affect the impact of your business more than your ability to inspire other people. With my passion and leadership qualifications I will show you how to become a driving force that consistently creates wow-effects for your stakeholders. You will learn how to further heighten your profitability through consequently moving toward your vision and purpose.

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Diana's Background

My name is Diana Shine. As an economist, who was active in the chemical industry for the past 12 years, I have worked for various affiliates of the world’s biggest chemical company. With an annual sales revenue of about $60 billion, over 300.000 customers around the globe and over 100.000 employees, there was no margin for error. Having steered budgets of $100m and having been responsible for a wide variety of teams in sales, marketing, sustainability and supply chain, purchasing for all sorts of industries from construction to cosmetics, I found that the essence of success was always based on one common factor: PEOPLE!

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